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Strategic Priorities highlights

With the completion of our Strategic Priorities 2015–2019, we reflect on our achievements against the identified outcomes.

Strategic Priorities Image

Priority 1.1 icon

Introduced a new and refreshed electronic process for measuring doctor and patient satisfaction and collecting insights for improvement.

Priority 1.2 icon

Improved our clinical KPIs.

Priority 1.3 icon

Progression of discussions with health fund partners around quality measures to increase transparency and assist consumers.

Priority 1.4 icon

More than doubled our research outputs.

Priority 1.5 icon

Exceeded My Hospital benchmarks for care.

Priority 2.1 icon

Appointed an executive at Group Director level to lead the function, review the operating model and ensure capability in this space.

Priority 2.2 icon

Invested in a significant number of digital and technology projects, including:

Priority 2.3 icon

• Introduction of Clinical Command Centres in our hospitals to provide digital tracking of patient progress in theatres

Priority 2.4 icon

• Development of the Doctor Connect app to provide our specialists with convenient and secure access to patient information

Priority 2.5 icon

• Introduction of the use of virtual reality tools to increase surgical precision in complex surgery

Priority 2.6 icon

• Opening of a new industry-leading technology-enabled home for people with a complex intellectual disability, through St John of God Accord

Priority 2.7 icon

• Purchase of robotic surgery equipment at St John of God Subiaco, Murdoch, Berwick and Bendigo Hospitals

Priority 2.8 icon

• Launch of a new website

Priority 2.9 icon

• Launch of Pulse, a new caregiver communication app.

Priority 3.1 icon

Standardised and rolled out 14 clinical programs, improving patient safety.

Priority 3.2 icon

Standardised a range of complex processes, such as manual handling.

Priority 3.3 icon

Harmonised and reduced the number of enterprise bargaining agreements.

Priority 3.4 icon

Conducted strategic reviews of St John of God Foundation, Social Outreach and Digital & Technology and commenced implementation of recommendations.

Priority 3.5 icon

Introduced electronic workflow in some critical areas.

Priority 3.6 icon

Improved and enhanced risk reporting and rolled out new reporting system.

Priority 3.7 icon

Improved outcomes in occupational health and safety through a concerted strategy and focus on key risk areas.

Priority 4.1 icon

Increased our public contract work, partnering with governments to meet community need.

Priority 4.2 icon

Took a greater leadership role in Catholic healthcare, including providing expertise to Catholic Healthcare Australia (CHA).

Priority 4.3 icon

Completed the transition of Marillac Services from the Daughters of Charity, expanding our work in the Catholic disability sector.

Priority 4.4 icon

Grew the number of undergraduate nursing, medical and allied health clinical placements in our hospitals and services.

Priority 4.5 icon

Increased our focus on working with consumer councils and focus groups and grew patient and community feedback channels.

Priority 4.6 icon

Grew our media activity and positive media coverage.

Priority 4.7 icon

Rolled out initiatives under our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

Priority 4.8 icon

Worked with Reconciliation Australia to develop our Innovate Reconciliation Plan and rolled out a range of programs developed in partnership with Indigenous groups such as Career Trackers Partnership, a national supply contract, and established an Aboriginal health team to help us provide culturally appropriate care and improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Priority 5.1 icon

Opened the new 367-bed St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals, on time and within budget, under a public private partnership with the Western Australian Government.

Priority 5.2 icon

Undertook a significant number of redevelopments at our hospitals and in our services, including expansions of St John of God Murdoch, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Bunbury and Frankston Rehabilitation Hospitals and St John of God Accord Greensborough site, and achieved targeted business and community benefits.

Priority 5.3 icon

Constructed and built the new 126-bed St John of God Berwick Hospital, in an innovative funding arrangement with Northwest HealthCare (previously Generation Healthcare REIT).

Priority 5.4 icon

Acquired what is now St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital and took over the operational contract of Hawkesbury District Health Service.

Priority 5.5 icon

Improved our procurement processes and established a group-wide procurement team.