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Group CEO report

In 2018-19, we completed the final year of our five year plan to achieve our Strategic Priorities.

There has been significant change over the past five years and we recalibrated our priorities and projects as appropriate. Our key areas of focus remained constant however and in the past five years we have achieved against our five priority areas (click here for highlights).

With the conclusion of the Strategic Priorities, a key focus in the second half of 2018-19 was on developing a new strategy that would help us meet the needs of our communities in a complex and changing environment. It has a three year time horizon in recognition of the increasingly rapid rate of change.

We identified our longer-term strategic intent, which is to be the best performing healthcare organisation in Australia by 2025 in terms of patient and client experience, clinical excellence and operational performance.

This informs our new St John of God Health Care Strategy 2020-22, which is based around three strategic themes: patient and client experience, clinical excellence and a contemporary services profile beyond the hospital walls. Two strategic enablers underpin those themes: strengthening our culture and optimising our processes and relationships.

The strategy places the patient and the needs of our communities at the centre of everything we do and sets the highest possible standards of clinical excellence and safety in the delivery of compassionate and person-centred care.

It provides us with our roadmap for the next three years and I believe provides the foundation and the focus for us to deliver on our Mission and provide outstanding healthcare and community service to the communities we serve.

We have identified and prioritised a range of initiatives that sit behind each of the themes and enablers, and work is already underway. Our focus in 2019-20 will be on: deepening our understanding of the patient journey and improving the patient and client experience; refreshing our patient safety improvement program and working with our visiting medical officers to improve clinical outcomes; growing our ambulatory and home services; developing our palliative care, mental health and obstetrics strategies; and growing our disability services.

We also have a number of initiatives in place to develop leadership, Formation and caregiver engagement, and a range of technology projects planned to optimise the patient journey and increase organisational efficiency.

Occupational health and safety will continue to remain an area of focus for me and for the Board, and we will build on the strong foundation established over the last couple of years. We had very sound results in 2018-19, with significant improvements in lost time injury rates, return to work rates and incident reporting.

I am also focused on gender equity and ensuring we have an inclusive culture where women and men can reach their full potential. In 2019-20, I look forward to continuing work as a Male Champion of Change.

There were a number of changes at executive level this year as well as to the operating structure of our organisation, designed to ensure decision making is highly inclusive of those running our hospitals and other services.

We are privileged to work in a great organisation in vital industries. Thank you to the Board, Trustees and the caregivers, doctors, volunteers, donors and consumer representatives who comprise St John of God Health Care, for your hard work, dedication and commitment to our ministry. As we commence our new strategy, I look forward to the year ahead.

Dr Shane Kelly, Group CEO

ceo signature

Dr Shane Kelly
Group CEO