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In one of his Sunday Angelus addresses a couple of years ago, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of true hospitality and stressed the importance of listening, “…indeed, only one thing is needed: listen.”

He spoke of hospitality as, “one of the works of mercy…revealed as a truly human and Christian virtue, a virtue which in today’s world is at risk of being overlooked.”

It’s timely to reflect on this because at St John of God Health Care our first and most fundamental value is Hospitality. In 2018-19, the whole organisation, including the Trustees, focused on deepening our understanding of hospitality through our Formation program.

For St John of God Health Care and our caregivers, the ability to offer and provide hospitality is fundamental to improving and enriching the patient experience and providing outstanding compassionate care, key areas of focus in the St John of God Health Care Strategy 2020-22, which commenced in the new financial year.

For the Trustees, it was an important step in preparing to revisit Our Vision, the document that states our purpose and reason for being, and provides a blueprint for what we do and how and why we provide care.

Through a process of prayerful discernment, our understanding and articulation of our Mission, Vision and Values was refreshed in 2018-19 and our updated Our Vision will be launched in 2019-20. This renewed understanding will be vital as we pursue our new strategy in healthcare and community services.

As we move forward, the notion of listening is critical to ensuring that we are mindful of our patients’ and clients’ humanity and their needs, and critical also to supporting the communities we serve.

Changes to Trustees

We were saddened to lose Sr Anne Derwin, a Trustee since July 2015, who died in June this year. Sr Anne was a wonderful colleague and a wise and generous Trustee who contributed significantly to the spiritual stewardship of our organisation. She is greatly missed by all.

I would like to thank Celia Hammond, who joined as a Trustee briefly this year before resigning to take up her current role as Member for Curtin. In her short time with us, Celia, a well-regarded Catholic leader, brought great skills and insights to St John of God Health Care and we wish her all the best in her new and challenging life in public service.

Finally, I extend my thanks to the Board under the leadership of the Hon Kerry Sanderson AC, to Dr Shane Kelly and his senior executive team and to all caregivers. Your commitment to provide the very best care possible, to provide hope and hospitality, is the fundamental basis on which everything else we do is built.

I invite you to read this year’s annual report and I hope you will find, as I do, evidence of hospitality in action and of St John of God Heath Care listening – and responding – to the needs of our communities.


trustee signature

Eva Skira
Chairman of Trustees