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While the outlook for the healthcare industry remained challenging in 2018-19, St John of God Health Care continued to focus on providing outstanding services to our patients and clients in the communities which we serve.

Hospital activity growth is subdued in the current low-growth economic environment, however we were able to meet increased demand at our new St John of God Berwick Hospital, located in one of Australia’s fastest growing corridors, and also respond to additional demand at St John of God Geelong Hospital consequent upon the closure of a hospital by another operator.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) in 2018-19 was flat relative to the previous financial year, and a significant increase in depreciation contributed to a net margin decline.

There is no question that the private hospital sector faces considerable pressure in a low-growth economic environment with an aging demography, changing consumer expectations and the increasing role of high-cost healthcare technology, such as robotics, adding to the challenge.

Our response at St John of God Health Care will be to focus on our Mission and Values, to continue to provide high-quality, safe and compassionate healthcare and to demonstrate the benefits of private healthcare.

Clinical excellence and safety, together with patient and client experience, remains a major focus for the Board and we are pleased with the work our caregivers have undertaken to ensure continual improvement and transparency in this area and the strong ongoing focus on partnering with visiting medical officers (VMOs) to improve both safety and clinical outcomes. Caregiver occupational health and safety will also remain a focus.

The Board was pleased with the new St John of God Health Care Strategy 2020-22, which was finalised in late 2018-19. The strong focus on patient and client experience and clinical excellence and governance is in line with the Board’s view of delivering our Mission and meeting the expectations of our communities.

We believe that the focus on extending and growing our services beyond the hospital walls is consistent with the needs of consumers and takes a more person-centred view of healthcare. The Board also strongly supports the need to focus on growing our provision of high-quality end-of-life and palliative care.

Operating under the umbrella of Community Services with St John of God Accord are our Social Outreach services. Social justice is also of enduring concern to the Board and we are pleased with the strong focus on growing our community services to meet the needs of vulnerable, materially poor and marginalised people and the use of technology, such as the newly opened ‘smart’ house through St John of God Accord, in improving the quality of life for residents with complex intellectual disabilities.

Our Social Outreach services provide care for at-risk youth, new parents in need and people with long-term mental health issues across Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. In 2018-19 alone, we provided more than 32,000 bed nights for 140 at-risk young people through our Horizon Houses. The positive effect these services have on vulnerable, marginalised people in the community is important to us as part of fulfilling our Mission and ministry, and we look forward to continuing to help those in need in this way.

While the coming year is likely to continue to bring challenges, it also brings opportunities around improving our services. Achieving our strategic intent to be the best performing healthcare organisation in Australia by 2025 is in itself an exciting opportunity. Our focus on Formation of our caregivers and living our values is an important part of this.

A particular thank you to Group CEO, Dr Shane Kelly, and his management team for their hard work during the year, my fellow Board members, our Trustees and all our caregivers, doctors, allied health professionals and volunteers who contribute to achieving the Mission and Vision of St John of God Health Care.

Hon Kerry Sanderson AC, Chair

chair signature

Hon Kerry Sanderson AC